Earlier this year I took to social media to complain. OK, that is what a lot of us do. I was hoping my complaints would fix a problem I was seeing around Amarillo. I know in a perfect world everyone would do the right thing.

We know that is really never going to happen. I have come to realize some people just suck. Then I got on Tik Tok and realized this has become a thing. A sort of litmus test to judge people.

Introducing the Shopping Cart Theory

Maybe judging people is a little harsh. You, though, can tell a good person by how they treat a shopping cart. The test states that there are no punishment for not returning a cart at a store. There is nobody watching and waiting to write you a ticket. They may be judging you though.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

What do you do when nobody really is looking? What do you do when there is no set rules about returning the shopping cart to follow? What do you do? If you return it knowing there is also no reward than you are in fact good.

That is how this test goes. Is it accurate? I would like to say that it is. I mean since I always return my cart. Even to Walgreens where there is no shopping cart corral. I feel they need the help the most. Of course, I end up taking it all the way back into the store.

I figure if I buy enough stuff inside Walgreens to warrant a cart to my car then yes, it is my responsibility to return it. Most definitely. I always wonder why people don't return their carts.

I know the number one reason is being lazy. There is a certain kind of lazy when most places make sure you only have to walk a few steps to return it. So I don't get it. Now if you are having some kind of emergency I will give you a pass.

Really though, returning a cart is not that hard. It proves, though, how good you really are. Please be the better person. Work on yourself and lets see how we improve our society. Something as easy as returning your shopping cart is where we all need to start.

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