The grim frost of the North has finally met the sunburnt South. In a new music video from country artist Jason Hawk Harris, young people in corpse paint wander drunkenly through the streets while cursing the sun.

“Cussing at the Sun” is pretty much the ultimate “country music meets black metal” song title anyway, so Jason Hawk Harris brought some evil into his hangover anthem. Plus, if there’s one activity to unite black metallers and country bumpkins, it’s binge drinking.

“I’ve always loved strange juxtapositions,” Harris tells Rolling Stone. “The director of the video [Stanley Sievers] came back and was like, ‘I have this weird idea where, since it’s a country song, why don’t we have the actors dress in corpse paint?’ Immediately I was like, ‘Yes, this guy’s got it.’”

The video’s female protagonist stumbles drunkenly in public, drowning her sadness while remembering happier times with a fellow corpse-painted metalhead.

The country musician adds, “When I’ve drank to excess because I’m sad — and I’ve done quite a bit of it — I always make jokes while I’m doing it.” There’s always a self-deprecating moment in the drunkenness that you just understand that you’re being kind of ridiculous.”

Check out Jason Hawk Harris’ new video for “Cussing at the Light” above.

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