There are four days left for you to cast your vote at Ballpark Digest. Your vote will help Hodgetown secure the title of Best AA Ballpark.

When you think about it, the negative-nancys of Amarillo have really lost out. Attendance has been stellar for the opening season. I'm usually working on the production side of the radio broadcasts of the games, and I get to hear all of those attendance totals.

On top of that, our team won the division this year. We're headed to the playoffs. Now, add to all of that the fact that Hodgetown could be named best AA Ballpark of 2019.

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Sod Poodles have already done really well for themselves in the inaugural season...and it's only half over. We still have another half of the season to go.

Pretty impressive for a team and a ballpark that nobody supposedly wanted.

I have heard people continue to trash the ballpark and team. Most recently someone snidely remarked how attendance was falling, right after saying how it's insanely difficult to find tickets to any home games.

You can't have it both ways, and maybe it is time for those who want to be negative and toxic to find a new subject to hyper-focus on.

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