If there's one thing we can absolutely count on, it's people making bad decisions during the holiday season.

Maybe having one too many and saying something to a family member they shouldn't have. It could be simply eating WAY too much at Thanksgiving and going into a two-day food coma. That extra piece of pie may not be worth it.

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Some of those bad decisions carry over to the car though, and that is hands down the worst decision you can make. That's why Amarillo Police will be increasing their traffic enforcement during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Yes, they're out to get you, but only if you decide you don't want to follow the law. No, they're not looking to pull random people over because it sounds fun. That's such a huge common misconception.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27, APD will be on high alert with more patrol vehicles out looking for things such as seat belt violations, speeding, not following the “Move Over, Slow Down" law, and yes, driving while intoxicated.

All of these come into play heavily during the Thanksgiving holiday, I mean, have you ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner where there was no alcohol?

The rest of these things typically stem from people out and about doing their Black Friday shopping. Racing to the next store for another big deal, which inevitably means you probably forgot to buckle up. Those two have a tendency to go hand in hand.

Just be safe and smart out there and you'll have nothing to worry about, along with all the others on the road who ARE following the road laws.

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