It seems lately the police in Amarillo have been very busy. There have been a lot of stories lately about shootings and various other crimes that it's starting to make me wonder if we're headed into a bad crime cycle.

For awhile, things seemed to be going better. Violent crime had gone down for the first time in several years, and it seemed like we were just about to turn a corner. Then we have the random shooting on Coulter, and now we can add this to the list.

It all started Sunday when police were called out to the Dollar Tree on Georgia and 34th. Witnesses said they saw a woman get thrown out of a car there and tried to intervene to help. As they did that, the man in the car began shooting at them.

The witness had a gun themselves and began shooting back at the car. That was when the suspect fled the scene. Things continued on Monday when police went to a residence on Georgia and SW 3rd. The APD Special Operations Task Force learned a man had a felony burglary warrant in Randall County and descended upon the residence.

This is about the time the police scanner started buzzing with activity. At the home, police saw a man approach the residence and believed it to be their suspect. They approached the man, but he ignored their requests and took off running towards the back of the home.

As officers were chasing him, he showed a firearm. An officer immediately requested all the backup possible in the area, and police then started firing at the suspect. They hit the suspect and he was transported to a local hospital.

Kurt David Cobain Gaede would be pronounced dead later at the hospital.

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