Tired of regular, boring, emotionally unavailable news? Well then, this is the video for you because this melodramatic news reporter is very involved with his work. He’s emotional. He’s gesturing wildly. He’s smacking his notepad for emphasis. You really get the sense that it’s not every day a bus crashes into a house in Montgomery County, Maryland. And when one does, it is a BIG deal.

Brilliant editing adds even more drama to the story of the man whose livelihood and home were wrecked when a bus crashed into his cab and home — the only shot of police on the scene has been cut to make it look like he’s covering his face in disbelief, rather than trying to hear his phone more clearly.

Then there’s the storytelling, and what a story it is. According to the reporter, the bus went “… over the lawn, into the driveway, INTO the cab, and then… INTO THE HOUSE.” If that’s just a little too real for you, then maybe you can’t handle the news. Or maybe you prefer it more in the style of someone who actually lives in the house, who said, simply, “Why is there a bus in my living room?” Well put, sir. Well put.

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