There are certain fields of work that seem very rewarding. Some that you may have dreamed about becoming when you were a child. These fields include being a sports hero, an astronaut, maybe a police officer, a doctor, nurse and of course being a firefighter.

Being a firefighter is a very noble profession. You do more than just fight fires. Which is pretty cool too. As a first responder you are on the scene when people need your help. I have had two situations this year that the firefighters were first on scene

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I appreciated them both times. I appreciated them when they showed up when my grandbaby was accidently locked in the car. They were first there too when my daughter passed out while driving and crashed her car.

You just feel better when help arrives on the scene.

Have You Ever Dreamed of Becoming a Firefighter?

If this has been a dream of yours now is when you can make it a reality. Why not give it a shot? This was on the Amarillo Fire Department Facebook page recently:

credit: Amarillo Fire Department
credit: Amarillo Fire Department

You Don't Need Any Qualifications or Experience

You need to have a high school diploma. They also need you to be between the ages of 18 and 35.

If you want to apply HERE is where you need to go to make that all important first step. I would do that soon because the next step is the firefighters test. They will be conducting that on Saturday.

The top candidate will next take a physical and an agility test. After all of that they will be ready for training. They will be part of Amarillo Fire Department's fire academy.

They are looking to start the academy in May and it will take six months to complete.

So I really wouldn't sit on this. It's a very rewarding career. You could be next to make a difference in an Amarillo family's life.

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