If you don't follow the accounts for our police and fire departments, you should. Not only are they a pretty good source for important information, but they also give us insight into what goes on beyond what most of us see.

Sometimes, like in this amazing post from AFD, you learn what they don't do.

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Pools, Cats, And A/C Filters

Amarillo Fire Department took to social media today to inform the public on things that they don't do. Some of the items on the list were pretty comical.

They point out that they do not fill swimming pools. As fun as it would be to watch a firetruck fill someone's swimming pool, it isn't going to happen.

They also don't, contrary to popular belief, make a habit out of getting cats down from trees. This doesn't mean that they don't care.

They listed birthday parties as another thing they don't do. If your friend tells you that they've got a fireman coming over for your birthday party, they don't mean one from the Amarillo Fire Department.

Just saying.

A Big Thank You To Amarillo Fire Department For The Things That You Do

You can see the whole post here. As you read through the post, you'll come to the part where they mention the resources they have available. When you think about how many people live in our area, it isn't hard to see the point they're trying to make.

With the limited resources they have available, they have to always be ready to respond to an emergency. That's hard to do if they're waiting on your pool to get full.

Thank you to the Amarillo Fire Department for everything that you do for us.

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