One thing I loved about working for a bank was the bank holidays. I know I hated it when everyone else got those days off and I didn't. Then for several years, I got to enjoy those days off too. We knew we had several bank holidays. That hasn't changed.

There were several National and Federal holidays (New Year's Day, MLK Jr Day, Presidents Day,  Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas).

There has not been another day added to that list since Martin Luther King Jr Day became a federal holiday back in 1983. That all changed back in 2021. A couple of days before June 19th, Joe Biden signed into effect for Juneteenth to become the newest holiday. So this is a newer day that you may still have not gotten used to.

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So just for you to not be lost coming up on Wednesday there will be several places closed in Amarillo. It is a federal holiday so we will not be getting any mail delivered. The banks will not be open. Any federal building will be closed. You won't be summoned to jury duty that day.

It won't be long before this becomes second nature. When I mentioned this story to a coworker he even asked what holiday is this week. That is how new it was. I know I was working at a bank when it was signed into law but it was so fast and Juneteenth was in a couple of days that the bank didn't close that year.

So some places have only had it as a holiday for two years. So there needs to be some reminding. There will be places closed on Wednesday in Amarillo in honor of Juneteenth.

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