One thing we've never done is take for granted our first responders. Without them, this world would be a complete disaster. Structures would burn to the ground, people wouldn't get the care they need and crime would be astronomical.

To be honest though, it took a pandemic for us to TRULY realize the worth of these people, and it's about time.

Wonderland Amusement Park is now thanking them by holding a First Responders Night on June 29th.

All first responders will be able to roll into the park with a complimentary WOW ride pass from 7-10pm. They'll be able to enjoy all the rides and games that come with the WOW pass as a much deserved thank you for everything they do. All first responders need to do is show up at Wonderland, present proper ID and a special barcode that has been sent to all participating agencies and they're in the door with a free pass!

First responder families will get to enjoy the evening with their loved one as well. They'll receive a special discounted WOW pass of just $14 plus tax with a second special barcode.

The public is invited to come on out as well to support and say thank you to these first responders. The park will be open to everyone, and I personally think it would be really cool if a large part of our city came out to thank these people.

If your agency did NOT get the info or special barcodes for this event, you are encouraged to CLICK HERE to send in your contact info and get registered for this great event.

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