Elon Musk made headlines earlier this year when he took to Twitter threatening to move Tesla headquarters out of California. One of the places he commented that he was looking to move to was Texas.

We're not getting the headquarters. What we are getting is an assembly plant in Austin.

With SpaceX already being here, it's no surprise that Elon decided to open up shop in Texas. He has spoken openly about his love of the Lone Star State.

According to reports, the new plant will employ around five thousand workers. Starting pay will be at fifteen dollars an hour, with medical and other benefits.

The site is 2,100 acres. The plant is around 4 million square feet. According to Musk, work is already underway on getting the new site up and running.

Which also isn't all that surprising considering Elon has promised the new Tesla Cybertruck by next year. Tesla does have a history of missing production deadlines. Hopefully this new facility helps them stay on track.

Musk didn't get into too many details in the report about what the new plant will be focusing on. All he has said is that it will be making a lot of vehicles long term.

I'm excited to see Musk opening a new plant in Texas. I've been a fan of his for a while. Right or wrong, you have to admit Elon makes everything more interesting.

It is really exciting. People love showing off their Tesla. I don't know how many times a friend of mine has called me to tell me all about getting to drive one. People love them, and get excited about them.

Just don't drink a milkshake in your boss's Tesla. I have a programmer friend who learned that lesson the hard way.

Now that we have SpaceX and Tesla, how long before we get The Boring Company to open up shop in Texas?

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