On Monday, William Henry Braum died at the age of 92. William was the founder of Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy stores.

According to reports, Braum died at his home in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Tuttle is where the main Braum's dairy farm is located. There is a second milking operation located near Shattuck.

Braum's stores began in 1968 with 22 stores. By '71, there were 40 stores. As of 2017 there were around 300 stores operating in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Braum's was just a part of life. Their milk was the preferred choice, their burgers were a weeknight go-to on nights mom didn't want to cook, and their ice cream was a mainstay in our freezer.

We even bought groceries from Braum's.

Today, Braum's is still a big part of my life. When I go to pick up my daughter that lives in Ft. Worth, we meet at a Braum's. While my daughter is in town, we often go to Braum's for ice cream to end a long day of running around town.

When people started panic buying, my family went to Braum's to get the food items we couldn't find any where else.


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