It seems like there is constantly some kind of fundraiser going on. One group or another is having some kind of a raffle, bake sale, dinner, or event. It's not often, however, that you see a fundraiser like this one pop up in Amarillo.

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Student Crime Stoppers are teaming up (no pun intended) with The Vault Gaming Center for the second annual "Gaming To Stop Crime" fundraiser. It's scheduled for March 13. It runs a whopping 8 hours, from noon to 8 PM that night.

It's an interesting idea for a fundraiser, hence why it caught my attention. There will be several tournaments held that day. Those tournaments feature some of the biggest games out there.

Of course, they're going to be kicking off with Fortnite. If you have kids or know someone who has been blessed with offspring that came with thumbs, then you know Fortnite. My kids have never played Fortnite and I'm still haunted by it.

The Fortnite tournament will be round royal format and starts at 1 PM.

The next tournament is a game that my kids recently got into. I might have encouraged it, just a little bit. You can't blame me though. There's only so much Among Us that a person can handle before they start losing their grip on reality. Dragon Ball FighterZ kicks off at 2 PM.

From there, they move on to one my kids and I love. Super Smash Bros kicks off at 3 PM, and then Tekken 7 kicks off.

Student Crime Stoppers is a great organization, and they do good for the community by helping get the word out when information is needed on crimes or suspects.

You can keep up with the latest updates and info on the fundraiser by following this link.

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