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In the gofundme, it is alleged that our personal liberties and freedoms are at stake. It is claimed that this is unconstitutional. They also claim it puts business owners in a tough spot.

Which I get. There are plenty of videos out there on the internet of people who become violent when they are asked to wear a mask.

I personally still have a hard time understanding just which of my personal freedoms my mask has taken away. No one has explained it to me yet. There are a lot of rules, guidelines, and suggestions in this world that I wish would go away but I deal with it.

I'm still able to leave my house, go to work, and do pretty much everything I was ever able to do. Not much has changed since I started wearing a mask. Except that I wear a mask to do it.

Maybe I'm ignorant to the facts, which is totally possible. I've never claimed to know it all.

While we're (still) on the subject, a few days ago BSA put out this video.

In this video health professionals talk about what their daily life is like. It's heart breaking. The loss of life they have been witness to; the family members who can't be there for their loved ones. They get to see those desperate final moments.

In the video, they ask the citizens of Amarillo to do what we can to help slow the spread of the virus. They point out why the masks are important.

Sometimes you have to do the thing you don't want to do, so you can do the things you want to do.

Mask up and take care of each other.

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