It's nice to see that the world is not full of doom and gloom. I mean it seems the more you open social media or listen to news stories it is more bad things happening. It's nice when that is not true. Not entirely.

It seems that there is crime everywhere. There are safety issues. You sometimes don't feel safe where you are. Then you end up in a big city. You may be visiting or maybe you made the leap to move there.

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Where does your safety go? Does it just go out the window when you visit or move?  No, it doesn't have to. Recently a new list came out about the safest cities in America according to Wallet Hub.

Source: WalletHub

Texas has a good showing. We have two cities in the Top Twenty with Laredo (11) and Brownsville (17). Those are not the only Texas cities represented. If you give the list a once over you will notice others.

There are several more Texas cities represented in the top 100. That is nice to see.

  • Grand Prairie (36)
  • Irving (56)
  • Plano (76)
  • San Antonio (79)
  • Amarillo (80)
  • Arlington (85)
  • Lubbock (95)

To make this list they compared several things. They looked at traffic fatalities per capita and also looked at assaults. They also looked at the unemployment rate and how many people are uninsured. Safety is overall well-being including being financially secure. Which is why they looked at unemployment.

Welcome to Texas state road sign at the state border

It's nice to see Texas having a lot to show off on this list. So whether you are moving or finding somewhere to visit there are plenty of options in Texas. Of course, not all danger can be avoided but doing your best to be at a great starting point helps.

Texas can offer that to you.

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