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We've talked a lot about it this year. The shutdowns have been incredibly tough on everyone, and while some businesses have reopened there are still those who aren't allowed to. That could be changing soon.

At least according to Gov. Abbott's personal Twitter account.

Yesterday, our governor tweeted out that there would be an announcement of more openings coming soon. According to Abbott, Texans have done a great job of containing the virus.

Politics, stats, and talking points aside; I personally feel it's about time. Largely because many bars have already reopened by transforming themselves into "restaurants." Who are we kidding by keeping them closed?

The rules regarding bars and clubs in Texas have been odd, to say the least. They can't be open, unless they serve food. A certain percentage of their money made has to be from food. That can include having a food truck in the parking lot.

It made no sense.

Here we are, months into this nightmare of a year for small businesses, and it looks like bars might be able to open up...as bars.

What if Gov. Abbott didn't mean bars though. What if he is going to be giving the green light to restaurants to open 100%?

It bothers me in ways I can not express that many politicians have personal accounts where they do stuff like this. Teases about upcoming announcements and mindless punditry just seem to diminish the reverence due to a publicly held office. Social media has turned our politicians from being public servants and leaders, to being professional wrestling characters that call each other out before the main event.

Do you smell what the party is cooking?

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