When it comes to being a grandparent in Amarillo I really think they have it all. I mean they get to spend time with their grandkids, spoil them, and then send them home with their parents after. They get to spend the fun time with the littles and make those memories. The way it should be.

I know this because I have a granddaughter and anytime she knows I am coming to town she has me wrapped around her little finger. She counts down how many sleeps until Mimi is there. Then I get to pick her up from daycare and she always wants me to take her for ice cream. Which I do, of course.

Yes, she is spoiled and yes, I love being able to spend time with her and spoil her. That is a grandparent's role. This summer Wonderland Park is helping out with giving grandparents the opportunity to spoil those grandbabies.

They are offering free entry into the park for grandparents. The only catch is one free grandparent per child wow pass bought. Perfect. There is a barcode at their website that you need to present at the gate to get your free pass. You can get that HERE.

So each and every Wednesday is Grandparents Night out at Wonderland Park. A perfect summer night making those memories with the kiddos. You get to spoil them and then send them back to Mom and Dad. Just what a great summer night should be like in Amarillo.

Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So as you are planning all the fun activities this weekend don't forget Wednesday's out at Wonderland. Get Grandma and Grandpa a night out with the kiddos. It's perfect because then you can get out for a much-earned dinner too. It can be your own little date night in Amarillo.

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