So I'll be honest, Halloween isn't really my favorite holiday. When I was a kid? Sure, I loved the candy.

As I've gotten older though, the allure of Halloween has definitely worn off. It's more about me taking the kids out to get candy while I sip my "special drink" walking with them.

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There's still one thing I look forward to outside of that though when it comes to Halloween.

Haunted houses. Something about a good haunt is TOTALLY worth the season and holiday for me. Being new here though, I don't know which haunted house is going to be better.

I looked around and found a couple of haunts that I think I need to check out. I've had some people tell me these are a couple of the best in Amarillo, so I looked em up.


This is the first one that was brought to my attention. I immediately liked the name, Amarillo Scaregrounds. I love the play of "fairgrounds". When you think of fairgrounds, you think of things like the Tri-State Fair. A lot going on to keep your attention and on your toes, right? So I checked out their website and was very pleased to find videos I could watch to get an idea.

Now, did this give me a TRUE read on what it could be like here? No, not necessarily. What it did do though is intrigue me.

YouTube screenshot

Look, creepy people crawling around in tubes is something that just sneaks up on a right? Isn't that the point of a haunt? This one I wouldn't even see coming, and would get my heart racing like crazy.

YouTube screenshot

Let's be real here, what's creepier than a girl holding a creepy looking doll? Nothing...absolutely nothing. Something about this just makes my skin crawl.

YouTube screenshot

A person essentially molded into a wall (who no doubt jumps out at you I'd imagine) is weird...and perfect. I've never seen something like this before, so I kinda wanna see that in person.


So here's the other one that kept getting mentioned to me. The name definitely sounds like it could scare the ever loving you know what out of me. However, it holds a bit of a different meaning for me. See, 6th Street is a popular hot spot in Austin, full of bars and live music joints. However, it can get messy on a weekend night and shootings had a tendency to happen a bit too often recently. While it's hard to get that out of my head, I managed to put it aside for a bit and watch a video on this one.

There were some freaky things in this video. I mean freaky in the creepy kind of way where you're just waiting for something to happen.

YouTube screenshot

I mean this...this right here is the sort of thing that creeps me out and makes me run. Why? On the surface it looks like a old school portrait, but I swear those portraits have this innate quality to turn into a real person popping out of the frame. Eek.

YouTube screenshot

I'm sorry, but I watched the Freddy Krueger movies back in the day. I don't need this guy coming back into my life. If I see him, I'm outta there, period.

YouTube screenshot

It's this though that sold me on checking this place out. What is that?? It's almost like Sloth's long lost cousin from The Goonies, but in the creepiest way possible. This thing has 3 eyes and 2 mouths. What swamp did you rise out of?

So Amarillo, I ask you. Which one of these places is going to scare me more?

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