The first time I passed by these round bales painted up as pumpkins I laughed. On the list of "things I'm not expecting to see on my way home," some round bales dressed up as quarantined pumpkins ranked high on the list.

After that moment, they became a part of my day. I smile when I pass them on the road, and it gets my mind off everything that stresses me out for half-a-second.

Earlier today, I didn't see them. Either they moved, or in my exhaustion I just became geographically confused. It honestly made me sad.

Then my wife sent me these.

They're still there! It's nice to see the pumpkins practicing proper social distancing, as well as keeping their face coverings. They even have some yellow on display.

Good job pumpkins.

If you find yourself getting in the car to just take a drive for a bit to get out of the house, you can find these pumpkins on McCormick Road.

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