Recently I was digging around the Amarillo subreddit, and I came across a post asking about the "Pray For Me Van." Intrigued, I decided to venture out and see if I could find the van and get the story behind it and it's owner(s).

Travelling on the access road of I-27 between Hollywood and McCormick, we finally came across the van.

It was honestly hard to miss with the sign set on top. We pulled over and I got out to investigate.

There didn't seem to be any sign of life inside the van at the time we were there. I looked, and all I saw were food containers and a lot of luggage. The van is definitely being lived in.

Credit: Charlie Hardin
Credit: Charlie Hardin

After waiting a second to see if there was any sign of life, I grabbed a photo of the phone number on the back and decided to call and see if I couldn't get in touch with the owner.

After getting the disappointing pre-recorded message that the number didn't have a voicemail box setup, I thought the "Pray For Me Van" would remain a mystery.

I was wrong.

My phone rang, and after the awkward introductions I finally got to know Jeremy, the owner of the van.

I was lucky that I was able to find the van, as Jeremy told me that today would more than likely be his last day in Amarillo before heading south and then on to Florida.

He told me that some time ago, through a series of unfortunate events, he wound up living in his car. At the time he was living in California.

He made a shirt that said "Pray For Me Please" and made money busking for tips in front of grocery stores.

Jeremy said that after making the shirt, he began receiving prayers, got into health and wellness, and eventually was able to save up enough to get a van. Jeremy chalks it all up to the power of prayer.

He began traveling and decided to make a documentary about miracles, and told me he has several of these stories documented and has even been witness to miracles taking place.

If there is one thing I could say about my conversation with Jeremy, it's that it was positive. Jeremy told me that once he began looking for miracles, he found them. He at one time wondered if God was even still there, and found out that He is.

That's what he wants to pass along to others with his documentary.

He also keeps busy working on online startups and has some business ventures lined up. He recently launched a website;, that lays out his future plans for investors.

I told him I was sad I missed a chance to hear him play guitar, and he guided me through a YouTube search to find a video he had made.

When it came time for our goodbyes, Jeremy told me that his hope isn't that people pray for him anymore. He is on his way to accomplishing the things he has set out to do. Instead, if you do spare a word with the Almighty for him, make it about his family and all of the good that is to come.

Jeremy spent a lot of time making sure the point was made that first and foremost, everything he does, he does for his family.

He also asked that I give you his email address. He enjoys connecting with individuals that have seen his sign. You can email him at

Once again, Amarillo, you have surprised me with your incredible cast of characters that continue to make this a unique place to be.

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