I just got an email from Jeremy, the guy with the "Pray For Me Van." He was supposed to be headed out of town today. Looks like that has been put on hold.

When I spoke to Jeremy yesterday, he told me the reason the van had been parked in such a weird place was because that's where it broke down. Radiator and oil troubles meant he was stranded.

But as is the case with Jeremy, he wound up saving up enough to purchase a new van and had planned to make yesterday his last day in town.

According to an email I just received from Jeremy, the vehicle he purchased was a dud. I won't get into specifics, but according to Jeremy and a mechanically inclined friend of his, the vehicle has wires dangling where they shouldn't be and now the thing won't start.

He told me that he spent pretty much all of his money on this van, and it died on him 30 minutes after the purchase. The seller of the vehicle isn't any help.

Jeremy said he is currently stranded downtown trying to figure out what he's going to do next.

If you're out there, and it is something you are comfortable with, you can reach out to Jeremy and help him get down the road. His email address is breedloveguitar@gmail.com. It's a pretty good way of getting in touch with him.


I know Jeremy said not to pray for him, but for his family. I think in this instance, if you do converse with the Almighty, Jeremy would appreciate a word on his behalf.

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