First, Happy National Drink A Beer Day! I would also like to extend that to my home state and my Okie family as they embrace six-point beer...finally.

Celebrating this odd national holiday is pretty simple. Crack a cold one with the boys or whoever you crack 'em with and raise a toast to our good friends Barley and Hops.

There are plenty of places around town to celebrate. Personally, I enjoy the ambiance of Austin's or the Broken Spoke.

Today is also the perfect day to practice up for the next round of stein hoisting contests. There are several coming up in October, and we're going to be there for most of them cheering you on while we participate for prizes and bragging rights.

Just grab a stein (somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 oz.), fill it up, and hold it out in front of yourself for as long as possible. Remember to keep your arm straight, and the moment any amount of liquid spills from the stein you're out.

Happy National Drink A Beer Day everyone! This one's for you!

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