One of the best places to look for services and items in Amarillo is Facebook. You can find almost anything you want or need there in Marketplace or simply by posting in a local group.

When it comes to goods, the simplest thing I can tell you is don't pay until you're face to face with the person.

Services are a bit trickier.

With all the rain that we got, one of the most popular things for people to post was cutting lawns. So many people in the city needed some help with lawn care, and we were one of them.

We run a pretty hectic schedule with two kids playing travel baseball. There are always games, practices, and tournaments. Simple things like cutting the grass can become very tough to do during the season. So we decided to go ahead and hire someone to cut our grass after the rain.

My wife found someone who asked for a picture of the lawn and asked how much we were looking to pay. She sent the picture and told her the amount we'd be willing to pay. The person agreed to it and said they'd be there the next day.

Well, the next day came and went.

They said they got tied up and would be there the following day. They did indeed show up...but never actually started on the lawn. I saw them pull up, mower in the back ready to go. She gets out of the truck, looks at the lawn, and heads back to the truck and left.

We reach out again, and she said something came up and would be back. Fast forward to the next day, and she does return. She begins work on the front yard and gets it about 90% done. A knock on the door has her waiting to tell us she would return the next to to finish the front and work on the back.

Two more days go by and she finally returns to get to the back yard. After finishing 90% of that, she again knocks saying she would be back to finish the little bit she had left and requested payment. So we give her the payment...and my lawn is still 90% done in both the front and back.

Moral of the story here, while utilizing social media for goods and services can be a very good thing, make sure you get someone with references when it comes to providing a service. Don't get caught in the web we got caught in. There are some people out there who just aren't willing to do the work or complete the job.

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