The announcement that bars could reopen if they repurposed themselves as restaurants made everyone in Texas raise an eyebrow. While it's hard to get a straight answer on the science, it's still good news for several places in town.

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First, Zombiez Bar & Grill is back open. In case you missed it, it looked like Zombiez was going to be shutdown for 30 days over "violations" discovered by TABC. It wasn't long before Zombiez, who has been doing everything they can to stay within the guidance issued by the Governor and TABC, was back open.

It's great news. There's a place of business in town that is able to survive a potential shutdown, and employees are getting paid.

Then, I saw an announcement from Pondaseta Brewing Co. on their Facebook page. They've been doing everything they possibly can to keep serving customers, and starting Friday they will be back open.

Yes. They will be open.

The post does mention that things will be a bit different, since they are opening under restaurant guidelines. I know, it seems wacky; but this is how they're going to be able to once again be open in these times of absolute insanity.

The whole situation is still crazy to me. I still don't see how food can be the deciding factor on whether or not an establishment is able to be open right now. It just doesn't seem to make much sense. Will someone please explain it to me?

I'm excited for Zombiez, Pondaseta Brewing Co., and the other businesses in town who are able to find ways of staying open right now.

Keep up the good fight.

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