Texas is known for being unique and bold. We don't really like to follow the rules much, do we? We like to push the envelope enough that we have a plethora of cities that look one way, and sound a whole other way.

In fact, let's go through 10 commonly mispronounced Texas towns to make sure you're saying these names like a real Texan would.

1. Miami

Yes, it looks like the city in Florida, but it's not pronounced the same. Here in Texas, we call it 'Miah-MUH'...not 'My-am-E'.

2. Buda

I got this one wrong the second I moved to Austin 7+ years ago. It looks like Boo-duh, but it's actually 'B-you-DUH'.

3. Dumas

Yeah, I've heard this one said several different ways, the most popular being one I can't type, but the proper way to say this in Texas is 'Do-MUSS'.

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4. Manchaca

Another one from my Austin days. I could've sworn it was 'Man-chack-uh' but oh no...it's pronounced 'Man-shack'...the A at the end is silent.

5. Darouzzet

So this one normally has a French sound to it, after all it IS indeed a French word. In Texas? Not French at all. Here it's pronounced 'Darr-e-Zet'.

6. Llano

This one always cracked me up, because I heard so many different ways of pronouncing this one. The most common mispronunciation of this is Lay-no...but if you drop the Y sound, you've got it. It's 'Lawn-no'.

7. Boerne

And again we head into the Hill Country of Austin for this one. I'll admit, it took me awhile to get this one right, but it's not pronounced Born. The proper way to say this Texas city is 'Bur-knee'.

8. Humble

Kendrick Lamar comes to mind when you see this city name, but there's no reason to be humble, because that's not how you say it. The H is actually silent, making this city 'Uhm-bull'.

9. Marathon

Seems like a great place to go for a long run right? Well I've got news for you, it's not 'Mara-thon' like you think. The O actually becomes an I here, making it 'Mara-THIN'.

10. Mexia

I mean this one SEEMS straightforward, right? 'Mex-E-uh'...actually, wait. Nope, that's not it. It's actually pronounced 'Muh-HEY-uh', which is absolutely nothing what it looks like.


I didn't include this in the 10 cities because, well it's not a city. This one is commonly mispronounced though. It appears to be simple as 'Bex-ar', but it's not. How about Bear? Yes, it's pronounced 'Bear County'.

All of this begs the question, why couldn't they just spell them the way they sound? Because this is Texas, and we do things our way around these parts.

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