Holiday weekends are always a good thing to have. A little extra time off from work for most people and school is off for all the kids.

The only problem with these holiday weekends is it can throw a wrench into the lives of some out there.

With so many businesses closed for the holiday, you could find yourself without something to do or a way to get there.

The City of Amarillo has released their holiday schedule as far as what open and operating and what is not. Here's a quick rundown on that stuff.

If you have business at City Hall, it's gonna have to wait until Tuesday as they will be closed on Labor Day.

Looking to check out a book to read for the weekend? Make sure you get in there Saturday or Sunday as the library won't be open for business on Monday.

If you rely on public transportation to get around town, you may want to download Uber or something similar as Amarillo City Transit will NOT be running on Monday, September 6.

If you're taking the long weekend to do some fall cleaning, please know your trash schedule will look a bit different. In short, residential and commercial trash customers won't see their garbage picked up on Monday. All Monday and Tuesday routes will be picked up on Tuesday, September 7 with regular service resuming Wednesday.

If you were planning a trip to the landfill, that will also be closed on Labor Day, so you'll need to get out there during the normal weekend to drop off.

Outside of that, enjoy the long holiday weekend and reset!

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