Yesterday, I wrote about a survey that was done showing how dissatisfied Amarillo residents are with the maintenance of our roads and sidewalks.

We also constantly complain about the amount of road work that seems to be happening all the time.

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The work they've been doing on I-27 feels like it's been happening for an eternity. Well, to be fair, it kind of has been. They started that project a year ago, and it just now seems like they're doing something with it.

The truth is, they have been working on it even though it didn't feel like it. They're now moving on to stage two of this project.

I know, you're saying the same thing I said. Do you mean to tell me that after a year of work, we're not close to done with it? The correct answer to that is, yes. There are still another two years of construction ahead of us.

So now what we're looking at is instead of the center lanes being closed off, they're moving to the outside and reconstructing off-ramps? Well, that should end up becoming a massive inconvenience. Especially considering the ramps they're re-doing.

Georgia and Washington are extremely heavily used ramps, so not only are we stuck to two lanes on the highway for now, but the side roads and access roads are going to constantly be jammed up because of closures to those ramps.

I have no doubt that when this project is done, it's going to be totally worth it. However, for now it's just going to be a big nuisance.

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