I adore spicy food. The hotter, the better. I have a special stash of hot sauces and peppers that I use on a daily basis.

That was until I met this sandwich.

This is the Justus For All at Spicy Mike's on South Western.

The restaurant is nice. The staff was more than hospitable. The sweet tea was even pretty good.

I ordered what appeared to be the spiciest thing on the menu. It has fresh chopped jalapenos, spicy bar-b-q sauce, jalapeno sausage, some more peppers, and more peppers, and ghost-pepper-cheese.

In all honesty, the sandwich is pretty good. It's a mess to try and eat, but the flavors are nice and the burn from all of the peppers isn't so bad that it ruins the meal.

I woke up this morning, and my stomach has been throwing a temper tantrum all day. It feels like there is some kind of fire ritual taking place in my gut. It isn't pain, but I am burping exhaust fumes.

While the sandwich was tasty, I have found that maybe with age my stomach is changing. I now pay the price for playing with fire.

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