UPDATE: It is official. We're getting a year-round ice rink in Amarillo. Check out the news from Amarillo Hockey Association here.

My curiosity turned to chuckles after I clicked on the headline about an ice rink coming to town. According to the news, the City is voting on the lease of a warehouse that could be potentially used as an ice skating rink.

That part wasn't what made me giggle. I love the Bulls. Going to a hockey game in Yellow City is one of my favorite things to do with my family. Ice around here is nothing new.

The ice rink would be available to use for adult and youth, recreational and athletic activities like hockey (of course), and figure skating. That's what made me crack a smile.

According to the news report, the property is at 301 S. Grant.

It's not that I hate figure skating, or think that it is a waste of my time. Scott Hamilton was a rock star. Plus, that whole Tonya Harding thing proved that the world of ice skating is ten times more interesting than any of us ever thought, or at least as interesting as professional wrestling.

I laughed because the thought that Amarillo would one day be just as famous for the delicate, intimate, beautiful sport of figure skating as we are for a restaurant whose claim to fame is a glutton's slab of meat is a funny one. At least it is to me.

Also, it has been a while since I've really put myself out there and tried something new. Hopefully everything goes well with this place getting open and I can take a few lessons.

First, I'll have to find a spandex onesie and some skates.


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