There is no shortage of paranormal research teams in the area. One of the newest additions to the paranormal community is Red Dirt Paranormal.

Brand, found of Red Dirt Paranormal in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, told us about strange things reportedly happening at The Nat on 6th street.

According to Brand, there has been reports of a lady in white standing in the balcony area with a red stain on her dress. Other reports mention an elderly couple dancing across the floor together. There has also been reports of music from the 20's and 30's playing, as if there is still a crowd gathered for music and dancing at The Nat.

Red Dirt Paranormal is conducting "haunted tours" of 6th street this year just in time for Halloween. The way it works, is that you meet up by The Nat, and then the team will take you down 6th pointing out all of the places where reports of hauntings are.

There is even an opportunity for you to join the team on an actual investigation, using their equipment to see if you can capture evidence of something other-worldly taking place.

It's a really fun way to learn the history of 6th street if you've never looked into it.

For tickets and more information contact Red Dirt Paranormal at 806-690-0648, on their Facebook page, or at their website for the event here.

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