So if you haven't noticed, the Powerball jackpot is sitting at $620 million...and climbing.

I'm a dreamer, so I started to think about what could I do with that kind of money in the panhandle.

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What I landed on was I could pretty much buy the entire Panhandle if I did it right. Let's be realistic though, I'll want to invest some of that money before just buying a ton of stuff right? So let's narrow things down a bit and just give you an idea of WHAT you could feasibly buy and still have a fortune leftover.


The first thing most of us would look for is the home of our dreams, right? When it comes to the house you want to live in, you want the most bang for your buck right? Well, there's a home in Lubbock that, in my mind, can't be touched as far as value for what you're getting in return.

This is one of the most immaculate homes I've seen for the price of $2.2 million. The address, 4509 14th Street in Lubbock is truly a masterpiece. You'll have more home than you know what to do with.

Day & Co

As you can see, this property is a proper mansion. It has the look and feel of one, and the size to match it. How about a sprawling 16,190 square feet of living space for ya? The home features 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms inside.

Day & Co

A view of the foyer shows us the immaculate staircase that leads you to the upper wing of the home. Everything inside is meticulously crafted and gives of that "yeah, I'm rich rich" kind of feeling.

Day & Co

Just take a look at this random sitting room near the kitchen. Normally you'd have a dining room table here, but really it's just a lounge area right off the spectacular kitchen.

Day & Co

Among the 9 bathrooms in the house, this one may be the most amazing one. Look at how that bathtub is just fit for a king or queen! It's essentially isolated from the rest of the bathroom and makes you feel like you should have servants at your beck and call.

Day & Co

How about having your own steam room? This immaculate home has it's own, and I can tell you I'd utilize it more than you could imagine.

Day & Co

Truthfully, I'd probably use that steam room shortly after I get some run in on this basketball court INSIDE THE HOME! If I wasn't already sold on this home from the previous pictures, this would do it for me. Not many can say they have an indoor basketball court.

Day & Co

You knew a home like this was going to have a pool. It's actually a double pool that is separated by some concrete. So yeah, a pool for the kids and a pool for you and your spouse. Perfection.

Day & Co

How about we top it off with it's very own theatre? Perfect for a family movie night, or if you're like me, your own little sports watching haven.

Ok, I have to move on from the house. It's making me sad I don't have that cool $2 mil laying around.


When you have over $600 million dollars to play with, you can pretty much get any car you want and the auto company will make it for you. However, you now have a once in a lifetime chance to buy the car of your dreams and you want it NOW. I'm the kind of person who would want multiple cars though, you know, so I have one for every mood and scenario.

I'm a big Mercedes guy. I've always liked the way they look and being a sports fan, I'm a fan of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team. So what am I going to shoot for?

Mark Motors

You guessed it. This 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS Class AMG is exactly what I'm looking for. I know, it's 9-10 model years old, but this thing is a beast and available right now for a delivery charge to the Panhandle from Boerne, TX for under $500. The car itself however is a bit north of $200k.

Mark Motors

Just look at the way those doors open. I'm sorry, but I think car doors that open upward, not outward, are some of the coolest looking features of a car.

Mark Motors

Classic low profile tires are a must for a car that performs like this one. This car will grip the pavement nice and tight with tires like this. So sleek looking.

Mark Motors

I gotta say, I'm not usually a fan of the seat color matching the color of the car. I typically prefer something that pops at you because it's so bold. Somehow though, I'm LOVING the white on white look of this.

Mark Motors

The sleek panel with everything you need is something that really sets it apart for me. You can't have such a smooth looking car with a bulky dash and panel. Mercedes absolutely nailed it with this low profile panel.

Mark Motors

And no car is complete without taking a look under the hood right? This is where the massive 563 horsepower lies. I'd love to get these ponies out on the open road.


A quick checkup of businesses for sale tells me you could purchase somewhere around 8-10 businesses in the panhandle area that are setup and ready to go for somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-7 million...for all 8-10 of them.

Getty Images

For example, you could buy a doggy day care franchise that's already established in Amarillo for $285,000. It's operational, functional and all you have to do is the take care of the payroll. Seems like a pretty turnkey kind of thing right?


In Lubbock, you could score yourself not 1, not 2 but FOUR Burger Joint locations plus opportunities for expansion. The cost on that? A cool $2.5 million. Break it down per location though, and you're only looking at $625,000 per spot. Not to mention lunch or dinner anytime you want.

So there's just a TASTE of what you could do with a winning Powerball ticket in the panhandle. I can think of SO many more things, but I'll stop with those for now. When I win though, I'll share with you everything I'm doing with it. Promise!

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