Bars are closed, and that unfortunately means no weekly nights out for karaoke. Thankfully, the internet is here to save you in case you're missing your nights out singing with strangers.


I found one Facebook group titled "Quarantine Sing-a-Long" that encourages members to post videos. They also vote on songs to do. The community has a decent amount of members and is pretty active.

The cool thing about the Quarantine Sing-a-Long is that the community seems to be pretty supportive. No one is a pro, and it doesn't look like any one pretends to be.

So don't worry about some drunk idiot in the back yelling at you to get off the stage.

Song Swap

If you're looking for something more "creative," meaning that you like to write songs, there is a Facebook group that has people sharing songs they've written while sheltering in place. It's the "Quarantine Music Swap."

Either way, it doesn't matter which one you are. If I've personally learned anything through all of this, it's how important being a part of a community is. Having people to talk with, share ideas with, and collaborate with is really important.

Singing Contest

Also, don't forget about the "Stay Home And Sing" contest. That's another way for you to flex some creative/performance muscles without leaving the house to do it. Plus, that one has prizes involved; one of which is performing at Hodgetown.

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