When you go to any sporting event, you expect a few things. A game (obviously), all types of different food, some cold drinks (that get warm FAST) and of course, the crazy mascot.

Now, there is this common misconception that mascots are there for the kids. Yes, the kids absolutely love them and the mascot always reciprocates. However, it's the adults the mascots REALLY want to get involved. From stealing peoples hats and belongings, to simply mimicking them, these mascots always bring a different energy to the game.

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A mainstay at the Sod Poodles games, Ruckus has one main purpose...to cause a ruckus. Don't let that toothy smile fool ya, he's a tough cookie and he wants to show you. He shows up in random places at the most inopportune time for you, but the best possible time for him. Now, if you're on your best behavior he will probably leave you alone. But if you're dancing and having too good of a time, he'll want to join in on it...and probably not the way you want! Ruckus is available for appearances outside of HODGETOWN for a fee that you can find here.


West Texas A&M is home to the areas only live mascot, Thunder The Buffalo. This tradition began all the way back in 1922 when the university purchased their first live buffalo. His nickname was Charlie, and he passed away back in 1935. He'd run along the sidelines at all the football games, and that's when fans knew it was game time. Once he passed, they went without a live mascot until 1977 when they brought the tradition back. It's one that carries on today with Thunder VI, nicknamed Sadie. Read more about the history of it here.


The mascot with the most unassuming name belongs to Amarillo College. Billy the Badger has been a mainstay at the campus since 1929 when the school was founded. He's a silly character that people are entranced by because, let's be honest, how many of you have seen a real live badger before? It's not something you see every day. You'll find Billy at most sporting events for the college and a video of him doing some work can be found here.

Salute to all the mascots who make our experience a little more enjoyable. You are an integral part of sports!

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