This type of crime is beyond scary, because who knows what would have happened if these guys had gotten inside the apartment. This crime caught on camera could have become deadly very quickly.  

To give you a bit of the backstory, the person who is renting this apartment in Dallas, Texas has a ring doorbell and noticed someone knocking at his door and he identified himself as a maintenance worker who needed to change an air filter. The man spoke through the doorbell camera saying that no one was at home, and they would need to come back later. 

The guy then acted as if he was going to go across the hallway to another door but quickly turned back and attempted to kick in the door. Then a second man, who is bigger than the first guy, pops out from around the corner trying to kick the door in as well. 

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The First Guy is Carrying a Gun 

One after the other both men are trying to kick this door in, but luckily the door is strong, and the guys never gain access to the apartment. But while this is all going on the man renting the apartment is actually at home and is arming himself on the inside. 

The Situation Ends Quickly 

As the two men are still trying to kick in the door, the man who rents the apartment starts shooting rounds through the door attempting to stop the break in. The cowards quickly ran away. The Dallas Police Department are still investigating the incident and no injuries have been reported yet. The video was posted online by @smashdatopic, please use this situation as a reminder to always lock your door whether you’re home or not.  

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