It seems that Canyon may have suffered another casualty when it comes to places to eat. This one came without any warning. Those seem to be the ones that hit the hardest. No chance to try them just one more time. The not being able to say goodbye.

Oh and the employees having a job ripped from them is pretty bad too. These families no longer have that income coming in and not having any kind of notice to be looking for new work.

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That is what happened to the employees at Fat Boys in Canyon. Fat Boys has been a staple in Canyon for over forty years. This is just not one of those things expected to have happened.

I follow a group in Canyon where this news was posted. The signs are gone. The doors are locked. One person mentioned that they were just remodeling and would be back in a few weeks. So it seemed like maybe that was not going to be the end of the story for them.

Oh, but wait, then a former manager came and squashed that dream. They said that is not what is happening at all. This manager is also now looking for a new job. Not something that someone would necessarily be doing if they were only going to be closed for a few weeks.

Nope, it looks like Fat Boys - 104 23rd St, Canyon, is closed. Their Google listing has not been updated to reflect that they are permanently or even temporarily closed but with the signs down that is definitely the way it looks.

We will keep an eye on this one to see if any good news can come out of it. Maybe a new buyer will come in. Nobody would be upset about that. Maybe this doesn't have to be the end. For now, it seems to be.

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