A couple of weeks ago I was driving around Amarillo when I drove by a certain food establishment during what should be the dinner rush. I did not see any cars in the drive-thru or really in the parking lot at all. When I got to work the next morning I told a co-worker that even though it hadn't happened yet I called the story when this place closed.

The writing was on the wall for Roll Em Up Taquitos. They took Amarillo by storm when we first heard about them coming to Amarillo. Everywhere we turned there were stories about when they were going to open. There was so much anticipation until they did finally get open on 45th.

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I think it was their pricing that did them in. They were so expensive. I mean they were good, depending on what you ordered but they were taquitos and I shouldn't have to finance my lunch.

Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The price was the biggest complaint I heard. They even decided to try to fix that by having a lunch special. Being that close to Amarillo High you had to be affordable for the high school kids. I think it was too late. It was the perfect storm - too expensive and not enough advertisement. I am not even sure how many people knew about the two taquito specials.

They Lasted About Two Years

The Roll Em Up Taquitos here in Amarillo opened up in October of 2022. So we didn't make it quite two years. I knew the end was coming. You could see that.

When I would drive by and see the parking lot nearly empty I knew their days were numbered. It finally happened. Roll Em Up Taquitos is no more. I even drove by to verify. I went by at noon and even though there was no sign that I saw there were cones blocking the drive-thru.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

There was a post on social media asking the question if they were still open. One person stated that they placed an online order and when they went to pick it up they were in fact closed.

Another one said that they closed and didn't tell the employees until the day of. That is a horrible thing to do to the people working for you. According to this person, they closed this past Friday. They had just forgotten to turn off the online ordering. They have done so since. I tried to go online and order just to see.

So Roll Em Up, even though we were highly excited for you to get here you have to have a great product, you have to be able to afford it, and you have to have great service. Amarillo will support you if you let us, they just didn't.

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