We all know that everything is bigger in Texas, that includes buildings and also the resources to protect these buildings and the people that work in and around them. Which is why I was wondering with so much going on here in Texas what buildings are the most protected and secure.  

Let me start by saying it would be incredibly foolish to try and do anything to jeopardize the security at any of these facilities. Law enforcement and military support for all of these buildings are extremely strong because all of these buildings are vital to the state of Texas and our entire country.  

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How Do You Come Up With a List of Secure Buildings in Texas? 

It’s a good question because I have no military or law enforcement intel on this type of information, so I did have to ask the AI program Chat GPT to see what details it would provide. The list that was created by the AI program makes a lot of sense as to why these buildings are so secure.  

Security Measures Will Continue to Improve 

Over time and building changes these facilities will continue to make security improvements. There are thousands of people who work or live at these facilities, so it really is important that they all stay safe and secure. It’s also nice to hear that so much thought and effort go into protecting the people that use these buildings each day. Thank you to all of those who keep these places safe. Let’s look at the 9 most protected and secure buildings in the state of Texas.  

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