In Oklahoma, tensions recently ran high between two law enforcement agencies, and it all got caught on camera. In the video, you see local officers and sheriff's deputies arguing and at times almost coming to blows. It's a wild video that begins innocently enough with a traffic stop. Things do nothing but escalate from there.

Cleveland County Sheriffs Vs. Local Lexington Police In Oklahoma

Lexington, Oklahoma isn't a very large town. It has a population that hovers somewhere around 2,000 people. There's not much happening there that would warrant a whole lot of outside attention. That was, until recently.

The video of the "kerfuffle" between Cleveland County sheriff's deputies and local police starts with a routine traffic stop. When the Lexington police officer approaches the vehicle, which was supposedly traveling 30mph over the speed limit, he realizes it's the Cleveland County sheriff. At this point, things take a wild turn.

SWAT Incident And Hostage Situation Leads To Confrontation

The officer is informed of an incident involving Cleveland County SWAT. It also happens to be a hostage situation. The officer responds that he didn't know there was a SWAT incident in Lexington and returns to his vehicle.

The officer hops on his radio and heads toward the location of the situation. Soon, other officers are on the scene and all hell breaks loose.

Tempers Flare During SWAT Incident In Oklahoma

The video shows the sheriff, several deputies, the chief of police, and the original officer who initiated the traffic stop getting into a very heated argument. The chief is furious that this is happening in his town, without his knowledge. The sheriff's department says they tried contacting someone at the police department, but nothing came of it.

It becomes a mess pretty quickly. Fortunately, things didn't devolve into a full-blown fistfight. The video ends with the officer appearing to plan on filing a complaint.

It's a wild video that several times had me scratching my head wondering why any of this was happening in the first place. Props to the cooler heads that tried to keep everything from turning into a disaster.

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