Yeah this place doesn't look haunted at all.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the High School for Sale

Let's travel up North to Burbank, Oklahoma. With a whopping population of 123 according to Google. That is the reason the town no longer has a high school, but back in 1924 the high school opened up to town. This high school has not been operational since 1968 if you can believe it, but someone has turned it into a makeshift home and it can be yours for the low price of $60,000.

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Judging by the photos, get ready to put some work into this place. The auditorium looks like it is falling apart. You get an indoor basketball court that looks like it was put it when basketball was invented. Plus someone has installed a lot of massive tubs into this place. This place just seems like a ghost is ready to roam the halls late at night.

What Does Burbank Oklahoma Have to Offer?

I was curious if this town had anything. According to Google, it has a post office, the water tower, and the Old Burbank Jail. Which looks like the creepiest jail I have ever seen in my life. So not really much to do in town if you move here. So you will probably spend a lot of time playing basketball if you buy this place. If you want to get away from society and be away from everyone. Move to Burbank, Oklahoma and buy the creepy abandoned high school. What could possibly go wrong?

You Can Own an Abandoned Oklahoma High School

This high school has not been open since 1968 and it has now been converted into a 'home'. Check out the definitely not haunted abandoned high school below.

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