Here’s your daily reminder that the traffic in Dallas-Fort Worth is a nightmare.

Not that you need a reminder but I figured I would share a video of Dallas drivers doing something that I have never actually witnessed before.

Admittedly, I’m only in the Metroplex every couple of months or so, so maybe people turning around on ramps due to traffic being extremely backed up happens more often than I thought.

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And to be perfectly honest with you, I have actually considered doing it myself a time or two. But I figured it wouldn’t be worth the hell I would catch for going the wrong way on the ramp, so I waited it out in traffic.

I have to say though, judging from the short clip Dallas Texas TV shared yesterday (September 10) on TikTok, the other drivers on the ramp didn’t seem to have a problem with it (I’ll keep that in mind next time).

But my attitude is like some of the folks commenting on the video in that I avoid getting on the freeway there at all costs. I will gladly deal with slower speeds and stoplights to avoid finding myself at a standstill on the highway.

However, there are those times when getting on the freeway is unavoidable. In that case, I make sure to stop and fuel up if I’m running low on gas because you never know just how long your commute is going to be.

There's an issue with the embed code, so watch the video here.

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