Nothing like sitting in 100 degree weather suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

Tallest Rides at Six Flags Over Texas, Keep Scrolling to See the Ride Breakdown

The Titan comes in with a 245 foot drop, but still not the tallest in the park.

Oil Derrick

Not really a ride, but more of an observation deck. The Oil Derrick sits 300 feet in the air. Still not the highest point in Six Flags Over Texas.

Superman Tower of Power

Coming in at 325 feet, the Superman Tower of Power. Would hate to be stuck on this one, but no sadly the ride that broke down this past week was even taller than Superman.

The Texas Skyscreamer

Yup, sitting at 400 feet tall the tallest point at Six Flags Over Texas is this bad boy. I simply call them the swings, but this is a ride you would never want to break down on. Sadly some folks were stuck for awhile hundreds of feet in the air on this one.

Check Out The Video Below

According to Inside The Magic, the Texas Skyscreamer broke down one day in August this past summer, suspending guests in the air in 103-degree weather. At least when a roller coaster breaks down, you have something you can climb down. I have no idea how you would get the people off this ride if they were truly stuck.

Looks like they were able to get the ride going again after twenty minutes. If that were me on that ride, it would be the longest twenty minutes of my life. I would have just shut my eyes waiting to be let down.

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