One restaurant in Amarillo has the dubious honor of receiving the most complaints, the Popeyes on Paramount.

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This establishment couldn't get it right receiving bad reviews after bad reviews.

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Then in February 2024, something happened and Popeyes on Paramount shut down.  A fire occurred in the building.  As of the time of this story, it was still closed.  However, now that Popeyes on Paramount is closed the one on Bell seems to have taken its place.

Is the Bell Popeyes Is Taking Over the Paramount Popeyes Drama

A woman identified on social media as shyne_queen was having a meal at Popeyes on Bell with her husband, enjoying her mac and cheese when she found a nail (the type you use on a wall, not one off a finger).

She shared a picture of the nail in the mac and cheese on social media.   She did make the manager aware of the situation and it seems that the whole ordeal escalated from there when she asked for the number to corporate.  The manager asked her to leave the restaurant.

Eventually, the police were called, and unfortunately, there wasn't any video of it after the police arrived, but shyne_queen explained what happened after the police arrived.

Understandably, finding a nail in your food is horrible. This whole situation looks to have escalated. We didn't see the interaction between the staff and shyne_queen before she asked for the corporate number. In the second video, the manager said "We tried to make you happy, and we tried to give your money back." It also shows her pointing to a number, possibly on the wall, and telling shyne_queen to look for a number on the website.

Looking at the reviews for this particular Popeyes, they have a 4.0 rating.

It's possible this was just a fluke situation.

We did reach out to Popeyes for a comment about the incident.  At the time of publishing, we had yet to receive a response. Once a response is received we will update the article.

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