Amarillo's Facebook Stolen Stuff group was buzzing recently with a video that caught two "masterminds" in the act. What were they up to, you ask? Well, they were engaging in a highly productive activity: stealing from donation bins!


The video captured these charitable souls in action, right off Canyon Drive. One of these master thieves had the brilliant idea to climb inside the donation bin and ruthlessly toss everything out, while the other played the role of the getaway driver, diligently stuffing their car. It's heartwarming to witness such teamwork and dedication to the art of thievery.

In this modern age, where we are urged to recycle and donate, it's refreshing to see individuals taking things to the next level. Forget about sorting through the piles of discarded treasures left behind by well-intentioned citizens. Why bother being grateful for the generosity of others when you can sweep it all into your clutches with such finesse?

We must give credit where credit is due. These two individuals have demonstrated their knack for problem-solving, improvisation, and creativity. Who knew that donation bins could be such an enticing goldmine?

Well, it turns out that it's a pretty common occurrence around town according to some commenters and apparently, there has not been a lot being done about it.

I know that some people might think "If they're that desperate to do that, then they might really need it" but let's not forget the true purpose of those donation bins: to help the many in need, not just a few. So, next time you're driving by Western and 27 or any donation bin, be sure to give a friendly wave to the donation bin bandits. They've reminded us all that even in the realm of philanthropy, there's always room for a bit of mischief.

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