A woman on Reddit landed in hot water with her husband after she let their teenage daughter enjoy a glass of wine at home.

"Last night, I had a glass of wine while watching a movie with my [16-year-old] daughter, and she asked me if she could try some. Normally, I'm strict with my children when it comes to alcoholic beverages, but I didn't think a little wine would hurt, so I poured her a glass. I told her that this would be a once-in-a-blue-moon exception," she wrote.

Although the mom felt comfortable with her daughter trying some wine in the safety and supervision of their home, her husband was furious when he found out.

"When he came into the living room and saw her with the wine in her hand, he lost his mind. He started shouting at me, asking why the hell I let her drink alcohol underaged [sic], and said she could easily become addicted to it," she continued.

"I immediately felt bad and apologized, but my husband is still pissed with me over this. I don't think he trusts me anymore," she concluded her Reddit post.

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Readers in the comments section could see both parents' perspectives.

"This is the perfect way to introduce your daughter to alcohol — it’s a safe, controlled environment with people (her parent) she trusts most in the world. You want her to learn healthy habits and drinking in moderation with you right next to her [as it] removes a lot of the appeal of alcohol. You’re taking away any lingering mystique or stigma. If it’s not forbidden or an 'adult thing' she’s not allowed near/trusted with then it loses a lot of the appeal. I think you and your husband need to have a conversation about how you’re going to introduce alcohol to your kids," one person wrote.

"Yeah, the only issue for me is not discussing it ahead of time. Admittedly the husband would have been against it, but it's a discussion that could have been revisited periodically. It should take [two] votes," another chimed in.

"I get his worry and concern but yes. She needs to be taught moderation. She needs to be taught that painful family history… I find a lot of kids that grow up super sheltered tend to let too loose when they have independence because they haven't been taught moderation or caution," someone else commented.

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