When it comes to Texas it's an awfully big state. I grew up living outside this great state so what I knew of it came from watching the TV show "Dallas". I thought everyone had horses and a lot of money.

I thought that was automatic with all the oil Texas had. I didn't know that each and every Texan didn't have their own private oil wells pumping in the money. I moved here and realized that was just TV.  My hopes and dreams were crushed. If I wanted to make the big bucks myself I was going to have to go out and earn it.

Texas is full of wealthy people. They have earned it in different ways. One who needs to get her props is Alice Walton. If that last name sounds familiar, it should. She is the only daughter of Sam Walton, yes Sam Walton of Walmart fame.

So you know there is money there. In fact Alice is the richest woman in Texas. The world's 2nd richest woman.

In case you didn't know Walmart money is good money. It helped to create Alice's wealth. After Alice Walton at 55.7 billion dollars, the next wealthiest woman in Texas is also rich from Walmart money. Like I said Walmart money is good money.

The 9th wealthiest person in the state and 2nd wealthiest woman is Ann Walton Kroenke who has an estimated wealth of approximately $8.3 billion dollars.  Another Walton. Who is surprised?

Back to Ann, you can find videos about her and her story on Youtube. There is not a whole lot more out there about her. She has the money. She is not one that does flaunt it. I mean she could. A lot of people think she should. That is and was not her. She stays pretty private.

I like to imagine her just sitting at home in her mansion surrounded by piles and piles of money. I mean that is what I would be doing.

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