When it comes to food in Amarillo we really are lucky. We have a little bit of everything and we keep adding new places all of the time. So we definitely have a lot of variety.

If we want the best Barbecue we have several places willing to help. Looking for a great pizza? Yes, we have you covered. How about a good place for Thai food? Yep, you can find that in good ol' Amarillo.

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When it comes to burgers I feel that we pride ourselves on having some of the best. Look around. Try one out. We have so much to offer. From big chain restaurants to itty bitty hole-in-the-wall style places, we have them all.

Have You Been to Coyote Bluff?

One that stands out and that we hear an awful lot about is Coyote Bluff. It's one of those places that if you aren't paying attention you will drive right by it. That is a good hole-in-the-wall.

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Another good sign is the fact that it is so tiny. If you don't get there early you are not getting in without a wait. Oh, but it is worth it. Their burgers are to die for. Oh, and the Burger From Hell could possibly cause some discomfort.

They have more than just burgers though. You have to check out the cheese fries.

But their burgers are something else. The atmosphere when you walk in lets you know you are going to get a great meal. That is why they have been featured on shows such as Man vs Food.

Texas Country Reporter also had to stop by and give the Burger From Hell a try.

The Texas Bucket List also had to stop by.

So if you haven't given Coyote Bluff a try you really are missing out. Just make sure you get there early.

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