Video has recently been shared of a close encounter between an alligator and a weekend girl scout camping trip to Lake Raven located within Huntsville State Park near Huntsville, Texas. The girls had been playing back and forth from the shoreline to a swim dock not far from the lake's edge.

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Lake Raven isn't one of the state's most dangerous lakes, but it is known to be home to hundreds of gators and people are cautioned with several signs reminding them to please swim with extreme care. This exact swim dock had some 18 people stranded on it at one time as recently as this past extended Memorial Day Weekend.

Why are people continuing to swim in Lake Raven Texas if it has so many alligators?


Overall, the likelihood of being attacked by an alligator is incredibly rare. Of all crocodilians on the planet, American Alligators are the least aggressive.

In the water is where an alligator is most dangerous because of its ability to drown another animal. Overall, alligators do not generally like people and will avoid them, but that does not mean they can't become aggressive if they are feeling territorial, or you have wandered too close to their nest.

It is good to see that nobody was hurt in this close encounter over the weekend. You can probably imagine it will be a while before any of these scouts decide to enter murky water, and will probably choose to enjoy the clear stuff you find in a swimming pool.

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