There are buildings all over the place that we drive by and wonder what exactly it is. There are no markings to identify what it is, and some look just like a house randomly placed.

Well, that's the case for a certain building on Georgia St, and now we know exactly what it is.

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The building on Georgia St., maybe you've seen it before.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Very precarious-looking building, and apparently some very promiscuous activity going on inside. Turns out, it was an illegal gambling operation that has been broken up...again.

Yeah, it's not the first time this house has been the target of illegal gambling in the city. See, there are actually quite a few places you can go to get your gambling fix. Some are very well known, some quietly operating. They do however get busted often.

This one however continues to reappear from what I've seen.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

According to the comments on Facebook, it was popped about 10 years ago, and now it's been nailed down again.

So what goes on in these gambling establishments? Well, pretty much anything you can think of. One of the biggest things that went on was card games, mainly poker. Now that Amarillo has a legal poker club...errrr, "social club", the focus may be on other things.

Classic Vegas games such as roulette, craps, etc. are typically available in these gambling houses. It's very similar to the offshore sports betting websites you can access. Even though it's not technically legal, people use them all the time.

Now, if gambling would just be legalized in Texas, we could avoid a lot of these operations from popping up. Not to mention, the state would get a HUGE boost from legalized gambling. All we're doing right now is spending money to break up the gambling rings in Texas.

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