One thing Amarillo is known for is its parks. We have a lot of them around the city.

Some are used sparingly, some are used often. However, one stands above the rest in its usage and this news is long overdue.

Thompson Park is getting themselves a much-needed, and very welcome, upgrade.

New playground equipment is coming to the park thanks to the Amarillo City Council.

If you don't know how badly this is needed, you haven't been to Thompson Park in a while. Thompson has basically everything you could want. Wide open spaces, walking trails, a pool/water park, baseball fields (that I use often), and fishing areas.

Yes, they have a playground there but there's a bit of an issue with it.

Aside from it being one of the smallest playgrounds I've seen at a park in some time, the equipment is made of metal.

Now, you old schoolers out there will know this, but let me be a little louder for those of you in the back.

Try sliding down a metal slide when it's 95 degrees and sunny.

Afterward, I want you to tell me how that felt against your bare legs and what degree your burn is.

The new park equipment going in will be constructed of wood, and that will significantly decrease the heat on the equipment. It'll be much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, just like Thompson Park is, but will be a playground in which the kids can let their imagination, and energy, run free.

The playground will consist of a swingset (everyone's favorite) and a big pirate ship that will allow the kids to climb, hang (at their own risk of course), and run around like they're Captain Jack Sparrow at sea.

The funds for the playground are coming from the American Rescue Plan Act funds that the city is in possession of, and won't cost taxpayers a dime. Talk about a win-win for everyone.

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