All of the rain has left people with some seriously long grass. I managed to cut my yard just before all the rain started, and squeezed in one more cut after all the rain began. Since then, it's been probably a good 3-4 weeks since I've been able to cut it.

I know, the rain has been gone for the most part for a good week now, but we've been busy with wrapping up the kids' baseball seasons, so there hasn't been enough time. It's gotten to the point where I just hired a lawn care company to take care of it for me today.

I saw someone in Amarillo mention a different way to get their grass cut. The idea was actually pretty smart in my opinion. They asked if anyone had goats that may want to come and graze on their lawn. The user mentioned having a lot of weeds and clovers in their backyard.

The comments didn't disappoint here. One person mentioned sheep might cut it closer for them. Another user thought it was a great and very environmentally friendly way to do some grass cutting.

However, one person commented it how they saw it by telling the poster to mow their own lawn, but with much more colorful language that I don't feel the need to repeat (I mean, technically I can't, but I wouldn't anyways).

Personally, I think people that have animals that graze on grass and weeds should take advantage of all the green that we've seen pop up due to the rain. The animals get what they need, and all the long grass that's hanging around will disappear.

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